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The Eight Types of Construction Equipment

Just like the arsenal of tools found in a toolbox, each piece of construction equipment has a unique strength and purpose. When it comes to heavy machinery there are several different types and categories to choose from depending on the scope of your project. Planning your next big construction job with the right equipment is […] Read More

The 5 Most Simple Ways to Control Heavy Equipment Costs

Each piece of machinery, when initially purchased, may vary widely in price dependant upon your individual or business needs. In addition to the initial price tag, there is also ongoing maintenance that can be simple and inexpensive or detailed and very expensive. The costs can and will keep adding up if left unchecked. Once your […] Read More

Equipment Maintenance Technicians’ Adds New Location in Castle Rock, CO

Voted as one of the Best Places To Live in 2014 by Money Magazine, Castle Rock, Colorado is now the home of Equipment Maintenance Technician’s second location. With over 80 years of combined industry experience, we are excited to handle all of your heavy equipment maintenance needs at a place with a rich history and […] Read More

Every Heavy Equipment Owner & Operator Must Know These 5 Things

Large construction equipment can be used to complete a wide variety of work. Moving large heavy metals on building sites, excavating and moving terrain, paving roads, and lifting materials are some of the common jobs this type of equipment is used for. Although each different machinery has a unique purpose, like a bulldozer or a […] Read More

5 Long Term Benefits of Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is the proactive or scheduled upkeep of a vehicle or piece of equipment for the purpose of avoiding unnecessary mechanical failure. Maintenance is critical to keep the equipment running at its optimum ability for the life span of the machinery. This allows the owner to get the maximum return on their equipment investment. […] Read More